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The future and well-being of humanity are closely tied to the state of our planet. To ensure a safe and sustainable future for ourselves and future generations, it is crucial to prioritize ecological and economical sustainability (EES). Fullsulate is dedicated to driving EES forward through its production of 100% organic FP additives and its global B2B distribution of innovative method statements for end products. Our focus lies primarily in the building materials, cement, and construction industries under FP Construction.

Additionally, Fullsulate plays a significant role in the oil spill remediation and water waste management sectors, producing and distributing 100% organic FP OilStop to stakeholders within these industries.

Our partners benefit from the swift integration of Fullsulate’s solutions, backed by our in-house Production and R&D team. Each member of our team possesses over 20 years of experience in the cement, construction, additive manufacturing, and relevant product development sectors. Furthermore, our European business development team plays a vital role in supporting our sales efforts, bringing a combined 100+ years of successful track record from various industries.

Our Products


No different specifications, different tools, machines, nor special technological knowledge compared to traditional concrete and screed is needed.

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